How to drive traffic to your website

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Your website has been up and running, visitors come, but it is not enough. You want more, but don’t have much time to invest in research and channels to reach out to potential customers. Increase organic traffic to a website is not an easy task, but it is entirely possible. Below are some strategies on how to drive traffic to your website.


Do you SEO homework


How to drive traffic to your website

If you are the sole creator of your content, you have to know how search engine optimization works. Optimized your articles focusing on certain keywords so that they can be found on Google and thus drive traffic to your website. If you don’t have the time to learn it, outsource it. But this is not recommended if you wish total control and long-term result.


Make sure to submit your post URL after creating it. Type in Google to see if, and how, your page appears in the search results.


Use social channels to drive traffic


How to drive traffic to your website

Traffic comes from the 2+ billion social media users. Post your articles on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Remember that the same post will not look the same on different platform, so you definitely want to tailor it to suit the channel you’re posting on. Trivial detail like hashtags should be taken into account because while they work on Instagram and Twitter, people who use Facebook don’t really care for hashtags.


And post regularly at scheduled times. We suggest you post at least 5 times a day. And remember, a post goes with media like an image or a video is better at driving traffic.


Look into affiliate marketing


How to drive traffic to your website

If you want to expand your business, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to drive relevant traffic to your website (and increase sales) without having to find them yourself. It’s quite cost effective because you need less sales staff (but do take note of the affiliates’ commission costs for bookkeeping).


Do inform the affiliates correctly of your products and promotion programs to prevent false or misleading information, which resulting in losing potential customers. Keep track of your affiliates.


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